Frequently Asked Questions

Enrico Bartolini strives to work with supreme materials paired with first-class workmanship to create one-of-a-kind pieces that are both aesthetically relevant and strikingly timeless. Being able to identify the standards of these materials and methods are imperative when it comes to choosing the perfect piece of “forever furniture.” Please consult the most frequently asked questions about our furniture and process and feel free to contact us if your inquiry is not addressed below.

  • The customer may cancel an order within 72 hours of making the purchase.

    The quality of all materials used in building these custom pieces are of the highest standards. While using solid woods, our customer should understand that “Wood Never Sleeps.” Keeping this in mind, slight warping, seasonal checkmarks or other minor variations might occur as this custom piece continues to settle. However, this does not constitute a defect.

    Since no two trees grow alike, the color and grain variations may differ, adding to the individual beauty of each piece.

    If there is a concern with the quality of the piece, please feel free to contact us to resolve the issue.

    Return Policy For Custom Commissions

    Since all furniture is made to client-approved specifications, custom pieces are non-refundable and non-returnable. Our furniture is functional and artistic and therefore lead times are estimates only. We do not guarantee lead times or delivery dates for our high-end custom furniture. Deposit refunds will not be issued based on extended lead times.

  • Domestic Shipping

    All of our furniture pieces are custom made and hand crafted and will take approximately eight to twelve weeks to complete.

    Please note that White Glove Service is available in many areas throughout the 48 contiguous United States.

    International Shipping

    All of our furniture pieces are handcrafted and will take approximately eight to twelve weeks to complete. We can project estimated shipping costs at the time of purchase and then a finalized shipping cost when the product is ready to ship.

    By air:
    Approximate travel time by Air: 7 days

    By sea:
    Approximate travel time by Sea: 30 days

    Please Note: It will be the customer’s responsibility to take care of any Taxes, Duties, and Government Surcharges in the country where the piece is being delivered.

    White Glove Delivery Service

    White glove delivery service includes a delivery appointment, indoor delivery and setup, and removal of all packing materials.

    Damage In Transit

    In the event your item has been damaged in transit, be sure to indicate what the damage is on the Bill of Lading before signing for the item. This will allow us to acquire the correct information so that we could properly file a claim with the shipper.

    Please take multiple pictures of the damage to the piece along with damage to the original packaging. These pictures can be delivered to us via email. Please inform us as soon as the damage item is received. Dependent on the extent of the damage, we will work with you to repair or restore the item or arrange for its return.

  • By making a purchase through this website, the customer agrees to the Terms & Conditions contained in this website. If there are any questions about the Terms & Conditions, please contact us.


    Customer authorizes, understands and agrees that all charges, balances, taxes and fees as outlined at check out can be charged via credit card which can be provided at the time of sale. The customer will be responsible for all applicable taxes regardless of the amount quoted on this website at the time the order is placed. All of our furniture pieces are custom made and hand crafted and will take approximately eight to twelve weeks to complete.


    Enrico Bartolini/Classics by Enrico Bartolini LLC shall not be liable for failure to perform or for delay of performance due to fire, flood, strike or other labor difficulty, act of God, act of any government authority or of the Client, wrecks or delay in transportation, material shortages, or due to any cause beyond its reasonable control. If any such event occurs, Enrico Bartolini/Classics by Enrico Bartolini LLC may extend delivery dates by a period of time necessary to overcome the effect of such delay, allocate available products or cancel any order.


    We reserve the right to update or modify these terms and conditions at any time. Please review these terms and conditions prior to making any purchase. Product availability, descriptions, specifications, delivery and pricing are subject to change without notice.

    All Products shown through the Enrico Bartolini website, literature and/or any other media sources are and remain the property of Enrico Bartolini/Classics by Enrico Bartolini LLC

  • Proper Care and Protection

    When positioning your hand-crafted wood furniture item, be sure to protect it from direct sunlight. The UV rays of the sun are very strong and can darken the original stain/color of the wood and also fade the fabric or darken the leather upholstery. Leather furniture is very sensitive to heat and sun damage. Position it away from windows, and from heat sources such as fireplaces, radiators and central heating vents. Be sure to dust first, and then protect your wood pieces by using a soft cotton cloth and lemon oil polish. Apply the lemon oil polish to the cloth, not directly onto the wood. Polish in the same direction as the wood grain, not across or in circles, and do not leave any heavy oil residue on the wood piece when finished. Do not over polish.

    Rubber, cork, vinyl or plastic products can damage some finishes. Use caution when placing telephones, cell phones, clocks and electronics on a finished surface, as most have rubber or plastic cases or footpads which can react with a lacquer finish. Avoid placing vinyl or cork placemats, coasters or tablecloths directly on a wood surface. To prevent damage, use a protective layer (cotton, linen or felt cloth) between the object and the finish. Use protective padding under these items to avoid damaging the finish. Use caution when placing items that radiate continuous heat on fine wood furniture. For example, some computers or stereos can raise the surface temperature by up to 20 degrees. Prolonged use without protecting the finish may damage your furniture.

    Avoid heat and light. In a natural state, wood contains a surprising amount of moisture. Preserving appropriate moisture levels is key to the preservation of fine furniture.

    Accordingly, position fine wood furniture away from heating vents, fireplaces or radiators. Don’t store fine furniture in attics, where temperature and humidity levels vary widely from summer to winter, day and night. Avoid placing furniture in areas where it will sit in direct sunlight, which can fade fine furniture; use drapes, sheers or protective window films to guard against the sun’s rays. Exposure to moisture, dry air (keep away from the direct air flow of heat vents) direct sunlight, extreme heat or cold should always be avoided. For any spills on a wood surface, immediately wipe the surface with a clean, dry cotton cloth and reapply a coat of lemon oil polish.

    WARNING: Liquids containing alcohol and solvents will damage the finish; Especially finger nail polish remover, hairspray, and perfume. If a spill occurs onto the fabric or leather upholstery, quickly soak up the area with a soft cotton cloth and then have it professionally cleaned. Do not use household cleaners. All metal pieces should be cleaned with a soft Micro Fiber Cloth.

  • Enrico is pleased to accept custom commissions from clients who admire the design and quality of Enrico’s work but do not see a piece which suits their particular needs. Custom commissions are available in a variety of upholsteries, woods and sizes which enable Enrico to create a custom piece that suits the customer’s personal form and function. During the creation of the custom piece, Enrico will work directly with the customer to define the requirements of the piece, understand where it will be situated within the room and its use, as well as determine aesthetics, size and price point. Several designs will be created for the customer to choose from (Mid Century Modern & more!, allowing the piece to evolve throughout this process. We encourage unique and creative commissions!


    We will provide a written estimate for the custom furniture, along with current estimated lead times and shipping or delivery details. Once the estimate is agreed upon, a 50% deposit is required to place an order. The remaining balance is due prior to shipping the product. Pictures of the finished product, along with the final invoice, will be sent to the client upon completion of the custom piece.


    Once a deposit is received, finished wood samples are sent for review and approval. If the piece is to be upholstered, fabric and leather samples will also be sent for review and approval. Lead times are heavily dependent on the client’s prompt responses regarding all approvals.

    Lead Times and Refund Policy

    Since all furniture is made to client approved specifications, custom pieces are non-refundable and non-returnable. Our furniture is functional and artistic and therefore lead times are estimates only. We do not guarantee lead times or delivery dates for our high-end custom furniture. Deposit refunds will not be issued based on extended lead times.

  • We are proud to offer wholesale pricing to qualified retailers throughout the continental U.S. Please contact us for pricing.