Step into the future of dining with our extraordinary Spalted Norway w/ Sphere Base – Brass Tag 101 dining table. Shaped like everyone's favorite spaceship, this table is a true conversation piece that will captivate your guests for years to come. Its unique, spaceship-inspired top is crafted from a Spalted Norway Maple crosscut. The center is an exquisite combination of epoxy and wood, finished with a honey Italian dye and sealed with a protective multi-layer lacquer coating.


The base of the Spalted Norway w/ Sphere Base – Brass Tag 101 is a masterpiece in itself, with two spheres forged from rectangular metal rods. These spheres are expertly coated in a high solids black paint, adding a touch of sophistication to the design.


This table is branded and signed by Enrico Bartolini to guarantee its authenticity.


•Dia: 62" (157.48cm)

•H: 31" (78.74cm)


* Please allow 4-8 weeks for completion and delivery.

** SHIPPING: Contact us to request a quote. Rates vary by destination and complexity.

*** Contact us about customizing options.

**** Since no two trees grow alike, size and shape of top may differ.

***** Colors are representational and may vary according to the device being viewed on.