Say goodbye to your wine bottles wandering aimlessly – make them feel at home with our Enrico Bartolini Vertical Wine Rack. Crafted from a solid live edge Redwood slab, this wine rack is both functional and a work of art. Finished in a honey Italian dye and protected by a multi-layer lacquer coating, it exudes elegance and durability.


Standing tall with two steel legs, the Vertical Wine Rack offers eight convenient shelves for you to hang your precious wine glasses and bottles. The shelves are adorned with the uniquely designed, laser-cut steel EB glass and bottle holders, providing the perfect space for your wine essentials.


As the centerpiece of any wine connoisseur's collection, this wine rack is a testament to both style and substance. Each piece is adorned with the brand and signature of Enrico Bartolini, guaranteeing its authenticity and craftsmanship.


•W: 19" (48.26cm)

•D: 9" (22.86cm)

•H: 73" (185.42cm)




* Please allow 4-8 weeks for completion and delivery.

** SHIPPING: Contact us to request a quote. Rates vary by destination and complexity.

*** Contact us about customizing options.

**** Since no two trees grow alike, size and shape of wine rack may differ.

***** Colors are representational and may vary according to the device being viewed on.